Senior Product Designer, Zeus Technology |  The Washington Post (Contract)
JUN 2021 - APR 2022,  REMOTE

Led design direction for all human-centric experiences on the Zeus Performance Manager, a web-based application and console for managing online publishers’ advertisement monetization inventory. Helped product/project managers and lead developers create and streamline team processes for efficiency. Established and maintained brand identity guidelines, design system, and visual component library. Participated in usability testing efforts in the leadup to product’s Beta Launch in April 2022 and expected* official launch in June 2022. Facilitated collaborative design thinking workshops with product team to advocate for end users.
Associate Designer, Concert Studio |  Vox Media (Contract)
DEC 2019 - APR 2020,  REMOTE/DC

Responsible for exceptional visual executions of all display advertising across network of brands and Concert partners. Designed, built, and maintained interactive and engaging ad formats. Helped support Concert Studio team with production design needs, documentation, templates, and asset organization best practices. Created compelling visual advertising using a combination of partner assets as well as custom designs.

Concert Studio
Principal & Lead Cloud Designer |  Prefect
NOV 2018 – AUG 2019,  DC

Founding member of Prefect Technologies and sole designer.


Led the design efforts for Prefect's Cloud web application and user interface. Conducted user research and managed usability testing sessions during Cloud UI’s Beta and Alpha luanch. Built useful and accessible user experiences through strategic content creation and thoughtful implementation of information architecture and data visualizations, informed by feedback received from customers. Developed and maintained design system and brand style guide to ensure consistency across marketing materials and products. Established style for Prefect Core’s open source documentation. Designed promotional print materials for events and conferences.

Laid foundation for design system and brand guidlines for both marketing and their products, mainly focusing on user interface of Cloud product. Prefect Cloud (UI) has changed since I’ve left but I laid the foundation for the design direction in addition to leading user research and testing, which the current version was built off of (informed by). Most of the baseline layouts, color schemes/palettes, typography as well as dashboard and page designs were a product of my work involving user testing, content strategy, info architecture, iconography, etc. 

I also designed the wordmark for their primary logos (brand suite) and product logos. 
Production Designer |  Automattic (Contract)

Created promotional evergreen display and interactive HTML5 motion ads for WordPress brand redesign while collaborating with Marketing team to ensure brand guidelines and vision were met.

I helped Automattic's Marketing team update all their advertising opportunities surrounding WordPress' redesign.